S h o r t    F i c t i o n :

"Seeds" - The Gravity of the Thing (2017)

"On the Other Side of Waking" - Aether and Ichor (2017)

"The Healthiest Place on Earth!" - OCCULUM (2017)

"Wiltern (As the Summer Dies, I Search For You)" - Edify Fiction (2017)

"Bubble Wand" - Bull and Cross Stories (2017)

"The Fish Are Biting on the River Styx" - Across the Margin (2015)

"Rosewater and Resolve" - Firefly Magazine (end of page) (2015)

"Forgotten" in Re:Place Project - A collaborative piece created alongside other talented writers, artists, and friends. If you feel so inclined, please explore our project as a whole. (2017)

   F l a s h :

Don’t Forget But Try Not to Remember” - Gaze Journal (2019)

"Sola, Sola, Sola" - Storyland Review (2017)

"Only Sleeping" - Uppagus (2016)

"Saltwater Remedy" - Brilliant Flash Fiction (middle of page) (2016)

"Hummingbird" - Seafoam Magazine (2016)

"Icarus" - The Airgonaut (2016)

"Between First and Final Breath" - Literally Stories (2016)

"Between First and Final Breath" - The Story Shack with accompanying illustration (2017)

"Giving Up the Gun" - Daily Flash Fiction (This title is also available as part of Daily Flash Fiction’s 50 Authors, 50 Stories Anthology, Issue 1 - Available for purchase and download through Amazon). (2015)

"Stop. Start." - Hidden Chapter (2015)

"How the War was Won" - Unbroken Journal (2015)

The Lights Have Gone Out” - Whale Road Review (2015)


    E s s a y : 

Hair.” - Burnt Pine Magazine (2019)

Ghost World 1 - Heritage” - Spry Literary (2019)

Ghost World 2 - Womanhood” - Crack the Spine (2018)

"Ghost World 3 - Disillusionment" - Amethyst Review (2018)

"Erasure" - Linden Avenue (2018)

"Why I Write" part of 1888 Center's 'Why We Write" Series - 1888 Center, Heritage Future (2018)

"See Rule Number One" - Marauder Literary (2017)

"In the World Where I Do Not Exist" - Split Lip Magazine (2016)


P o e t r y : 

Twitter Poems [Mundane Things I Might or Have Tweeted About]” - Linden Avenue (2019)

"Joy Kill [or] On Becoming Less of a Human and More of the Sky" - Pidgeonholes Magazine (2015)

"Even Nature was Aware" / "The Age Old Conversation" - The Pomona Valley Review (2012)



     S h o r t   F i c t i o n :

"Since the Last Time We Saw You” The West Wind. Fall 2013.

"The Day I Lost Myself: An Excerpt" The West Wind.  Fall / Spring 2016/17.


     E s s a y :

"In the World Where I Do Not Exist" The West Wind. Fall/Spring 2017/18. (This piece first appeared in Split Lip Magazine's October 2016 Issue - Link above)


     P o e t r y :

“This is What Depression Looks Like,” “Brown People,” The West Wind. Fall / Spring 2014/15.

“Gravity Tugs at Young Faces” 50 Haikus. Fall 2015.


       F l a s h :

"The End of My Existence in Five Parts" and "Carrying You" in Centum Press 100 Voices Anthology Volume 1 through Amazon



F O R T H C O M I N G   P I E C E S

Black Was Not A Label: A Collection, forthcoming from PRONTO. October 2019.


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