P o e t r y : 

"Even Nature was Aware" / "The Age Old Conversation"

"Joy Kill [or] On Becoming Less of a Human and More of the Sky"


    F l a s h :

"Giving Up the Gun"

"Stop. Start."

"How the War was Won"

"Saltwater Remedy" (middle of page)


The Lights Have Gone Out


"Between First and Final Breath"

"Between First and Final Breath" with accompanying illustration

"Only Sleeping

"Sola, Sola, Sola


    E s s a y : 


"In the World Where I Do Not Exist

"See Rule Number One"


     S h o r t    F i c t i o n :

"On the Other Side of Waking"

"The Fish Are Biting on the River Styx"

"Rosewater and Resolve" (end of page)


"Forgotten" in Re:Place Project - A collaborative piece created alongside other talented writers, artists, and friends. If you feel so inclined, please explore our project as a whole. 

"The Healthiest Place on Earth!

"Wiltern (As the Summer Dies, I Search For You)

"Bubble Wand"




     S h o r t   F i c t i o n :

"Since the Last Time We Saw You” The West Wind. Fall 2013.

"The Day I Lost Myself: An Excerpt" The West Wind.  Fall / Spring 2016/17.


     P o e t r y :

“This is What Depression Looks Like,” “Brown People,” The West Wind. Fall / Spring 2014/15.

“Gravity Tugs at Young Faces” 50 Haikus. Fall 2015.


       F l a s h :

"The End of My Existence in Five Parts" and "Carrying You" in Centum Press 100 Voices Anthology Volume 1 through Amazon



F O R T H C O M I N G   P I E C E S

"Ghost World 1 - Heritage" forthcoming in Turtle Island Quarterly. Spring 2018. 

"Erasure" forthcoming in Linden Avenue. May 2018.